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Pallet trucks Barcelona

Eletric pallet trucks

Electric pallet trucks and manuals

The hand pallet truck is a device that has a load capacity of up to 2,500 kg. They are designed to be able to move goods manually with very little effort and to make their handling easy and safe.


The powered pallet trucks are similar to the hand pallet trucks but with an electric engine, which allows faster and easier loading and unloading when the distances are long and the frequency of freight movements is beyond the limits of the manual handling.

They have a load capacity up to 2.0 tonnes and their battery run time can be up to 8 hours, depending on the working intensity.

There are various models: pedestrian powered pallet trucks, platform pallet trucks, rider-seated powered pallet trucks and stand-in powered pallet trucks.


  • They are ideal for:
  • Indoor use because they are electric machines and can get easily damaged on adverse weather conditions. Do not use them outside when it is raining.
  • Works on flat and smooth surfaces.
  • They are not suitable for works on rough terrain, sloping or uneven floors.
  • They are mainly used for horizontal pallet transportation, order picking and loading and unloading of goods to the warehouse or any storage area.



  • They are ideal for outdoor and indoor use on flat surfaces.
  • They are mainly used for horizontal pallet transportation, order picking, loading and unloading of goods to their location, either in a warehouse or on a truck.